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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Eleven Plus and Pineapple Beer

Are these statements True, Partially True or Not True?

It is good for children to do eleven plus papers.

The grammar school is the right place for all bright children.

“Once you are at grammar school, you will find new friends.”

There could be endless debate about any of these `hot’ topics. There will be shades of opinion wherever eleven plus parents meet. Is the following recipe suitable for children?

Pineapple Beer

The skins are usually regarded as waste but they can be used to make a cool and refreshing drink. Just the thing for a hot eleven plus child on a baking day!

The skins should be well washed and then put through the mining machine, Place this pulp into enamel bath and pour water in the proportions of seven pints of water to the skin of four medium sized pineapples.

Leave overnight. The next day, strain the mixture and add in the same proportions two cups of sugar. Keep stirring the liquid until the sugar dissolves. The `beer’ is now ready for bottling, but should be left to stand for two days before uncorking.

Are these statements True, Partially True or Not True?

Eleven plus children should be offered little treats.

A little pineapple beer can do no real harm.