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Monday, March 12, 2012

Eleven Plus Decisions

Is a ten year old mature enough to be able to do a bit of organisation? (How long is a bit of string?) Some are and others would like to be! In one way it probably depends on what the eleven plus candidate is being asked to do.

There is a lot of preparation to be done before we can expect a ten year to be able to make organised, informed and thoughtful decisions. Collect all the different eleven plus books and papers you think your child will need between now and the examinations. Layer in talks from past candidates, improvement lectures from interested relations and promotional speeches from the parents of school friends.

Once your child has gathered the `data’ then ask him or her to process it – exhaustively and protractedly. Allocate time for many thoughtful discussions and conversations. Then run through this pre-eleven plus checklist:

Has your child made a plan of action?

Is your child able to communicate a decision in a way that most people will understand?

Will all concerned `buy in’ to the proposals?

Does your child have a method of monitoring and charting the progress?

Is your child committed to the eleven plus?

Will empowering your child to make eleven plus decisions help to solve at least some eleven plus problems?