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Friday, March 23, 2012

Eleven Plus Change

When working on eleven plus papers do parents simply need to explain how to answer a question – or is there more to it than that? When one parent feels that he or she can act as a chairman or a mediator – then does the `share of information’ become easier? Does it really take two adults to explain a truly complex topic?

Some parents may feel, at times, that they have reached stalemate with their child. Both parties have given as much as they can – but the penny still has not dropped. Do parents twist or stick?

An eleven plus child may sometimes find it easier to learn if he or she is provided with concrete examples as well as a fully blown oral explanation.

Parents and children have to share a mutual and lasting commitment to the eleven plus - wavering can cause unwelcome and untimely disturbance.

Parents who are prepared to be flexible and understanding are likely to be able to communicate with their `candidate’.

If change does have to take place within the family, as a result of the eleven plus, then all concerned may have to be innovative and dynamic.