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Friday, March 16, 2012

Eleven Plus Aggression

When an eleven plus child reacts angrily or aggressively it does not mean that tension is natural before an examination or that the child is being `wicked’. It also does not mean that the work is too easy or too hard or just plain boring.

Aggression may be a way of solving a problem – when no other solution appears to be working. The eleven plus child, being bright and probably reasonably articulate, will not always see aggression as the only solution to a problem. There will be times when no signs of aggression will be evident. A child who sometimes rants and raves at parents may be able to treat a school friend with care and respect.

Some parents may try to record all the outbursts. Do they occur at the same time of day? Who else was present when the tantrum was offered? What was the reaction to the outburst? Was there an attempt to fight fire with fire? Did someone try to diffuse the situation? Did the aggression start with teasing by a sibling?

Was the child calling for attention?

Did a `time out’ help? Do any time outs help?

Will a contract help?

A great number of parents will never experience any aggression what so ever.  We wish them well!