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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Christmas Eleven Plus Course

We are taking bookings for our Christmas Courses in Gravesend and Kings Hill.

Parents are naturally concerned with the level of the courses.

"Do you want a course that tries to lift your child from 50% to 70% or from 70% to 90%?"

The Christmas Course is aimed at children working towards the Kent Eleven Plus tests.

We arrived at the content by making a master chart of all the mathematics questions taken from the current published Eleven Plus papers. These include the Bond and NFER publishers. We also looked at questions from the lesser publishers – for further confirmation.

We have a number of courses – at different levels aimed at different stages as the children prepare for the Eleven Plus examinations. This particular course is aimed at children who are achieving around 70% on a published Eleven Plus paper. We are trying to help the children with the questions and an approach to learning that will enable them to raise the standard of their work.

We have children from many different schools and backgrounds. The children have the common goal of a place at a grammar school. Some children are tutored; others are not, while some work happily with their parents. A course is not the same as individual tuition. Our courses try to give children the tools to be able to do well in an examination.


We think that many children find Day One challenging. Almost without exception the marks on the two tests on Day 2 are higher as the children find the rhythm of dealing with hard questions.

Some parents mention, at the time of booking, that their children may struggle with a course – but they still want their children to experience the pace of a course. We naturally provide these children with different material.

After the course children naturally go over problem areas with their parents or with their tutors. If we set the course at a level where every child gains one hundred percent we would be letting the children down. We try to show the children how to approach learning a new or unfamiliar topic. Read any hints. Copy any examples down. Do a few practice questions. The course is presented in a loose leaf format so that fresh pages can be inserted if the children go over the work again. If you work through the notes and go over the examples a few times you can then offer the tests to your child again.

Assessment of Ability at the Start of the Course

We look at a course as work that children will need to be able to pass an eleven plus examination.

An Assessment is a separate exercise. Some parents book an assessment before enrolling their child on a course. They do this by telephoning for a discussion on their child – they tell us about their wishes for the outcomes of the course. They also tell us about test results at school and about the percentage their child was able to achieve correctly on a commercially available paper. From this information we will be able to suggest an assessment or a different type of course or confirm that this is the correct standard of course to enroll on.

Verbal and Non Verbal

For the Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning sessions we do not ask the children to do full papers. The verbal and non verbal elements of the course are not to do with tackling full papers – they are all about timing and coping with challenging questions.


We deal with some of the brightest children in Kent every year. Our concern on the courses is giving bright children the tools to be able to cope with a competitive examination.

If you have any doubts about your child’s ability to cope with the 11+ examination we recommend that you telephone us on 01474 321658 and discuss the most appropriate course to enroll on.

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