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Friday, November 09, 2007

Ten Things to Think About after the Examinations

Ten Things to do After the Eleven Plus Examinations

1. You may feel a little backlash after the Eleven Plus examinations. You will have been building your child up towards the examination so expect a period of relaxation and relief.

2. Deliver a little prayer of thanks to the Government for inventing the SATs tests. At least some of the energy will go into Level 5 work.

3. Be very grateful too for the Year 6 `week away’ where the children disappear into an adventure camp. It gives you and them a break from each other.

4. You may be offered the opportunity of being able to involve your child in an orgy of physical activity. This will help to relieve all that pent up energy.

5. Be prepared for some really major `discussions’ on all sorts of topics. Remember that your role has changed from mum or dad the Eleven Plus supporter to just an ordinary mum or dad.

6. Be aware that T.V. viewing habits may change very quickly. Careful monitoring may help.

7. There will certainly be more time available for MSN and other forms of communication over the computer.

8. The Eleven Plus examinations serve a form of `rite of passage’. The actual examination is like an initiation.

9. Back chat is not part of growing up.

10. Try to avoid talking about the examination too often. What is done is done.

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