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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is there an easy approach to Eleven Plus work?

We sometime meet very able boys and girls who do very well on a test one day and then appear to struggle on similar material on another day.

Naturally thoughts turn to:

Diet – too many `incorrect’ foods

Fatigue – we should not have gone to that concert last night

Boredom – I did a paper that last week and scored over 90%. Do I really have to do the next paper as well? The last one was just too easy.

Argument – perhaps today was the day for a well planned and full scale argument

Motivation – “I just could not be bothered. I really tried my best but I did not feel like working today. I will do it tomorrow.”

Physical Problem – “You know you said I could go to play with my friends. Now you made me stay. Tuesday is my only day free to play with my friends.”

On Going Problem – “I really don’t’ want to go to that school. I want to go to all boys school. I know that it will be difficult to reach on a bus.”

Bribery – “You said we could go the cinema if I finished the paper yesterday. Well we have not gone yet. It is not fair.”

Ask someone from the family to record some of the pre Eleven Plus discussions. Type them up. Look at the dialogue. Think what it would be like to act the scene out before family and friends at Christmas.

Who said having children was easy?

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