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Monday, November 26, 2007

Uniform Eleven Plus Progress

Parents have children who grow. Sometimes the growth is slow and steady. At other times the growth is phenomenally fast and your child can grow out a school uniform in a remarkably short time.

Parents do need to know:

Where the uniform comes from
Who makes the uniform?
The condition the uniforms are made in
The quality of the uniform
If large multinationals sell them at a loss

So as a parent you want to know that the uniform is affordable and widely available. You want some choice in the matter. After all if you have to replace the uniform after a growing spurt then you want to hope that the uniform lasts as long as possible.

Children learning specialist techniques towards Eleven Plus examinations also progress in a similar manner.

Some children will progress in a steady manner – lesson by lessons.
Other children will appear to making little progress – and then the `penny will drop’.
Other children will just sprint ahead after a few papers and will start showing their full potential at school and at home almost immediately.

The good thing is that most children will show a bit of all three of the above learning patterns at some time or another in the period of eleven plus preparation. There will be some steady progress, at times it will be slow going while at other times your child will be able to demonstrate his or her full potential.

For parents the trick is not to show too much concern at any of the stages.

After all you can not expect `uniform’ progress.

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