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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Style of An Eleven Plus Child

How would you set out to develop a business selling jewellery? I suppose first of all you would have to like jewels. Then you need to look at who is going to buy your jewels.

You may be the sort of person who saves up until you can buy a `big’ jewel and thus make a `big’ profit so that you can become a `big’ player in the market.

Equally you may chose to start small and display and sell a range of affordable jewels. You would then go onto challenging the `big’ boys when you have built a firm base.

I looked a hand made ring on and thought about the range of attitudes that parents will display towards themselves and their children. The children too will attack their work in different ways.

We will have a large number of Eleven Plus children passing through our hands this year. I wonder just how many would start small and how many would try for the big jewellery sale straight away.

What makes a child who will gamble on a multiple choice question – while another child will try to work it out?

Why will some children be prepared to show all their thinking and working out while other children persist in doing everything in their head?

Why will some children settle down to their work without a word and others will try to argue and `discuss’ everything – down to the last detail?

Why will some parents just want their children to do their best while other parents will try anything to help their children pass the examination?

Why will some people try to make and sell a hand made ring and others want something `from the shop'?

As long as you and your child are happy with the Eleven Plus work then you must be prepared for a range of emotions, language and desires.

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