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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keeping Focused

I have never actually read one of her books but I have always admired her. She has provided so much pleasure to women over the years that she should have a statue to her outside Parliament.

I know that she dressed in the most appalling pink colours. I know too that she had some rather revolting little dogs.

I admire her because she was one of the hardest working women in the world. She wrote over 600 hundred books and sold over a billion copies.

I read once that she employed two secretaries. She dictated her books to one of the secretaries until the poor secretary began to tire. She then switched to secretary number two – and the words kept pouring out.

What a wonderful work ethic. What a desire to be loved and recognised.

So when your little one begins to waver and feels a little hard done by just remind her of a woman (Barbara Cartland) who gave a billion good reads to women.

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