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Friday, November 23, 2007

Wise Eleven Plus Choices

I was watching a very able girl today work through some multiple choice verbal reasoning exercises.

She not only answered the question but justified her answers to herself as she went a long. She worked with humour and was totally absorbed in her studies.

She reached a section on analogies and while she contemplated the right answer I was reminded of Solomon. He was a very wise man. His wisdom was known all over the known world.

People came from all over to enjoy his wisdom. He was not averse to making challenging judgements.

Two women both claimed to be the mother of a certain child. They asked Solomon to decide which the real mother was.

Solomon ordered the child to be cut into two halves, each mother keeping one.

One woman agreed to the plan.

The other woman did not – she announced that she was not the real mother so that the child would live.

Solomon awarded her the child

So the next time you despair of your child every getting over 95% on a Verbal Reasoning paper think back to Solomon and the wise mother.

Surely you would rather have a pleasant and unstressed child than one under pressure to do well academically?

The girl I referred to earlier revelled in the complexity of the verbal reasoning questions. She was bright and able. She enjoyed being challenged; I knew that when she came to choosing a school she would make a wise and reasoned decision.

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