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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eleven Plus Images

It would be so easy to change the presentation of Eleven Plus tests. Suppose that on section of a paper the children have to cope with interpretation.

Each of the following group of questions is worth 3 marks. You are expected to explain your answers.

56 What is the evidence that the tap is new?

57 Why is the spigot pouring water into the sink?

58 Is it likely that this photograph was taken in England?

59 Do you think that the kettle was turned on to make hot water?

60 Write a short account of your mother and father co-operating over a major DIY operation. You are encouraged to include the dialogue that was used when the tap DID NOT leak. This answer is worth 10 marks. Extra marks are offered for a short plan and the use of paragraphs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have studied the photograph and given this careful consideration. Initially I thought it may have been taken in Zimbabwe but then dismissed the idea immediately .... little water and certainly no electricity , so not a likely possibility!

Then I recalled that Mike was refurbishing Ange's bathroom - and taking rather a long time about it. My guess is that he rigged up this ingenious set-up as a make shift solution whilst completing his plumbing works and waiting on parts. So it must be 'Spain'. Right or wrong?!

Please let me know how many 11 plus points I am likely to be awarded for my considered response?