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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Concern for Mothers and Fathers

We all trust in the integrity of the Eleven Plus examinations. After all the majority of the tests are multiple choice in nature. The marking of the tests is done by a machine.

The results are interpreted by humans.

We remember Napoleon who said:

Four hostile editors are more to be dreaded than a hundred thousand bayonets!

Now that there are these missing discs with so much information about children and parents there must be many of the people concerned who must have Napoleon’s words running through their minds.

Some parents will have put their child allowance into a separate bank account – so the money into the account is the only transaction. Any movement on this account would be easy to track. We must all feel for the mothers and fathers who are concerned about the integrity of their joint accounts.

We expect integrity at Government level. We expect integrity at Local Authority level.

We have gone through all our systems at Etc with Gerry our popular administrator today.

In Extra Tuition Centre terms four hostile mums are more to be dreaded than a hundred thousand bayonets!

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