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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Investors in People

We display the `Investors in People’ logo when ever possible.

The standard is simply a business improvement tool designed to advance the performance of an organisation through its people.

Before we embraced and committed to the Investors in People mantra we had our own systems for training and developing our people. Teachers and assistant teachers had teaching notes. Our administrative staff had guidelines on how to use the computer systems, the telephone and how to communicate with the public – our customers. We had a business plan and a vision of the future.

Investors in People enabled us to have a tool that allowed us to benchmark ourselves against other organisations – or all sizes and sectors. Like any living business organisation Etc needs to be profitable, we need to be able to develop and people who work with us and we need to be able to retain as many of our good teachers and assistants as possible.

Naturally our first consideration has to be customer satisfaction. We have to make sure that any changes that are made culminate in better lessons. We need to make sure that parents, who had to pay the bill, are pleased and feel that they are going to obtain value for money.

So what Investors in People has meant for us is an attempt to achieve a culture where we don’t try to criticize and blame but we encourage innovation and a positive outlook.

In all our dealing with our assistants and teachers we have tried to achieve that complex balance of trying to support and assist as well as empowering them to make decisions that will help the children in their care to improve their performance at school and at home.

It is vital that we attract good teachers and assistant and give them the tools and the backup to allow them to interact with parents and children. We will get better Eleven Plus results if we teach better than other teachers.

We test children before they start lessons so that parents know where their child is starting. Lessons are prepared by etcACTION – our bespoke computer system. We provide Eleven Plus courses for children. For some parents we are able to provide an almost complete package. To achieve this we need people. So many thanks to all the teachers and assistants that have worked for us, are working for us now and will work for us in the future. We owe you so much.

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