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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Extended Eleven Plus Preparation

I was looking through a Verbal Reasoning Assessment Paper for 6 – 7 Year olds.

I was particularly taken by a code question:

If DAD is written in code as 717

ADD written in code is ……..

The next question was:

If a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, d = 4, what is the sum of these words?

b + a + d.

So our bright and able children aged between six and seven years old would enjoy the challenge of questions like these. Some six year old children would struggle with questions like these – whereas the same children may enjoy a similar challenge when they reach the tender age of ten.

Some children learn to read properly, other mature at different rates – in fact there are many factors why a pre eleven plus test at six years old may not be a reliable tool. Yet surely the very bright would be able to cope with challenging questions at six years old?

Good luck to the parents who buy the books dealing with verbal and non verbal reasoning questions for six year olds. At least the child will have been able to prepare in a leisurely and fun filled manner.

Just think – weekly verbal and non verbal sessions over four years! This would give over two hundred exercises in preparation. Poor children – poor parents!

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