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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eleven Plus Examinations

I chatted on the telephone today with a mother who was entering her son into five different Eleven Plus examinations. The five included two big county wide tests, an entrance test to a fine grammar school and two entrance tests for independent schools. I really got the feeling that she wanted her son to go to a top school!

Steve Redgrave proved himself to be a supreme Olympian by becoming the first person in modern times to win gold medals in five consecutive Olympics. He won the fifth by a whisker but it was still gold!

The ancient Olympian wrestling competition was won five times by Milon of Kroton.

We know of names of these two because while winning gold shows unusual ability – winning five golds shows almost super natural ability.

So how will our ten year old cope?

How will his parents choose the right school if he passes all five?

Will they give him five presents for passing all five examinations? I hope so!

All we can say is: “Good Luck!”

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