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Friday, February 29, 2008

Eleven Plus Adventures

One year we took a group of Eleven Plus children on a working holiday.

The children did their Eleven Plus work in the mornings.

They did climbing, swimming, canoeing and team work in the afternoons.

After the evening meal they did a little more work before watching a film. Lucky children.

Out in Zimbabwe, where I come from, some children would need to develop in a very different manner. Some very able children will need to survive and help the family. Their vocabulary would cover their own language as well as English. Key words and phrases would include:

-fudza mombe - herd the cattle

-bika sadza - cook stiff porridge

-chera mvura - draw water

Every parent, from what ever country, at some time or another, would like to have this said about their child:

iko kusadada ndiko kunoitisa kuti munhu adiwe - It is the lack of insolence which makes a person loved.

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