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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eleven Plus Boys and Girls

Girls react in a different manner to boys about settling down to Eleven Plus work. Boys would be interested that their best friend is studying for an examination but the progress of his football team could be a far more absorbing and engrossing topic.

Eleven year old boys don’t seem to have the same territorial mechanism as many eleven year old girls. We know that the male animal of the species runs around marking out territory. A girl, however, will react immediately to the news that her best friend has been able to earn good marks on a wide range of eleven plus papers. The average eleven year old girl will mentally engage a new gear and immediately settle down to work.

The eleven year old boy will be happy that his best friend is doing well. He will wish him every success and return refreshed to his ‘game boy’ – secure in the knowledge that at least one of the fraternity is achieving academically.

This is not to say that the eleven year old boy does not recognise competition – but he will not react in the same way as a girl. Girls immediately swing into action. They call up every known wile to man – and even those known only to women.

A boy will break off in the middle of a paper for a discussion on any topic that could possible provide a break from the act of study. A girl will be irritated by any interruptions and call forcefully for quiet.

Boys need far more reassurance than girls. A boy needs to be told that he is able and has potential. A girl simply needs to know that she has done well – and is looking pretty!

A girl will allow an untidy desk for only so long before tidying up. A boy will simply walk round any clutter. He may re-arrange his mess but will not recognise that a problem exists.

A girl will check herself in the mirror before going out to a lesson. We often see little fashion models attending lessons – looking as if they are just off to a party. Boys – well boys will be boys!

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