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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Year of the Rat

We went to London yesterday to join the celebrations around the `Year of the Rat’. It was a joyous and very nosy occasion. There was lots of movement, colour and noise. It was a real paradise foe all concerned.

We watched this minute Chinese girl playing Mozart. Few of us are privileged to see and hear such talent at such a young age. I bet she could pass the Eleven Plus.

We also walked through Green Park on our way to Buckingham Palace. I bet these three little girls can also pass the Eleven Plus.

We saw that the Queen was in because her flag was flying. We knocked on the gate but there was no reply. I bet all her grandchildren can pass the Eleven Plus.

Parents of bright and privileged children have just the same dreams and desires for their children as the rest of us do.

It would be a very different examination if all concerned could pass!

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