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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eleven Plus Opposites

`In a certain code the words DAB is written as BAD. And the word PART is written as TRAP. How would the word GNAT be written?’

Well as a young child I remember reading about `The Contraries’. These were the Red Indians who always did the opposite of what was expected.

If you said to a Contrary that white was white he would argue that white was black.

So good was evil, work was play and light was dark.

It must have been very difficult to argue with a Contrary. What every you said was right would be wrong.

This is a bit like arguing with a very bright eleven year old who wants to test your limits.

Scene One

“I think it is time to go to work.”

“Well you said that I did not have to go to work until much later on.”

Scene Two

“I think the answer is 64.”

“No it is 46. 23 + 23 makes 46.”

Scene Three

“If DAB is BAD, how would GNAT be written?”


So this is where a Contrary becomes a little less wearing and actually gives you the right answer! You are the winner! (For Once.)

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