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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Eleven Plus Directions

This weekend just gone we bought a Weber gas barbeque.

It has 2 stainless steel burners with a Crossover ignition system.

There are Porcelain-enamelled Flavourizer bars and a lid with a thermometer.

The thermoset work surface is removable and there are two condiment baskets.

So we enter the world of a new vocabulary.

“Crossover ignition system’ – easy because there are two burners.

A Flavourizer bar is a little more difficult to comprehend. A bar that makes the meat taste good? Who knows?

A thermoset work surface – this must be something to do with the thermostat controlling heat.

So when your Eleven Plus child is struggling with a verbal reasoning question and makes a new word up – please don’t laugh. The ability to make a new word could lead to a wonderful career as an advertising executive.

Just think of describing your child as a `verbgenist’ – a genius at verbal reasoning questions. Perfectly legitimate – and very descriptive.

Try too `grumpnonverb’ – this is a child who is grumpy over non verbal reasoning questions.

And finally a `Ohmumnotnow’ – a child who is not in the mood.

So if you hear of any new words or feel like composing some new type of verbal reasoning question please let me know.

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