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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Surviving the Eleven Plus

I have never been ship wrecked on a deserted island. I am sure we would all react in different ways. We have all seen the reality programs like `I’m a Celebrity – get me out of here.’ Some elements of some of the programs were vastly entertaining.

The first thing to think about would need to be water. I think this would come before personal safety. How would we collect and store the water?

Collect water in as many containers as possible. The receptacles would need to range from a hat to a bowl.

In very dry environments condensation forms over night on different surfaces.

If you are very thirsty then tie rags around your ankles – the dew gathers on the cloth. Simply wring the cloth out -and there is water!

Catch fish –as fish contain moisture. Squeeze the raw fish in a cloth to extract the water.

It is clear that when survival is uppermost in our minds that it is unlikely that we will meekly accept our lots, we will fight – and fight hard.

So as new parents enter the Eleven Plus arena – and wonder how they are going to survive they should take heart – because working on the Eleven Plus can not be as hard as the first few days on a deserted island.

Your Eleven Plus Survival Guide needs to include:

Talking to everyone about what is involved.

Being realistic about your child’s chances.

Collecting books and commercially available resources

Listening to your child’s thoughts.

Anything must be better than drinking from a cloth tied to the ankles.

Good luck to all concerned.

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