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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Profile of the Eleven Plus

I am sure we are all following the American Elections with great interest. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a fierce battle for the potential presidency of the United States of America. It is likely that the outcome will be undecided until Democratic convention in Denver in August.

We know that the candidates have to raise a phenomenal amount of money to support their drive for leadership of America.

The pictures of voters canvassing for their candidates are compelling.

The sums of money involved appear to be enough to be able to solve a good many of the problems faced by all of us in Britain today.

I wonder if we could adopt American tactics to raise the profile of the Eleven Plus examinations.

Parents – even prospective parents – could join great organized rallies to promote the efficacy of the Eleven Plus.

The National Association of Grammar Schools could take on a new lease of life.

The Government could be encouraged to build grammar school rather than Academies.

More girls could be called Hilary and more boys Barack.

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