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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eleven Plus and the Hose Pipe Ban

Summer is approaching – after all we are in February.

As spring melds into summer comes the awareness that we need to be very conscious of the amount of water we use.

A hose pipe ban may be issued in different parts of the country – if the summer is arid and dry. In some parts we are allowed to fill watering cans with hoses. In other parts hoses are banned unconditionally.

So if we need to give our roses a gallon of water a week one of the easiest ways is to fill a two gallon can, then give each rose bush half a can.

While the one first can is being poured over the roses a second can will be filled by the hose. This allows the gardener to practice perpetual motion. This is a pretty fool proof system.

So if it takes about 50 seconds to fill a two galleon can it will take about 25 seconds to fill a one galleon can.

With the hose pipe ban we expect every rose grower to have an Eleven Plus child standing alongside.

The company will be entertaining. There is, however, a far more serious side to the question of how long it takes to water a rose bush.

If your Eleven Plus hero or heroine spends less than 25 seconds on a question then he or she is possibly going too quickly.

Longer than 50 seconds is too slow.

A weekly stint in the garden watering roses will be good for the soul – and good for the Eleven Plus examinations.

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