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Monday, May 06, 2013

An Eleven Plus Bore

We have just enjoyed a warm weekend. We know that outdoor plants – as in trees, shrubs and perennials benefit from a heavy soaking during dry summer spells. We are also told that a heavy soaking twice a week is much more satisfactory than driblets of water every day. A smear of water draws the roots to the surface leaving them more exposed during hot days. We are also advised to never water plants when the sun is on them.

Having your own bore hole must help. My grandfather used to be a water diviner – and would walk fields and open areas in search of water. He had a forked stick which quivered when found water.

What happens when an eleven plus child meets the word bore in a question on unrelated words?

A bore can be a hole in the ground.

A bore can be a tidal wave which appears in certain rivers at the period of high or spring tides.

A bore can be a cylindrical cavity in the barrel of a firearm.

A bore can be a person who talks too much about uninteresting subjects. A tedious person!

To bore can be the act of a person who pushes his or her opponent to the ropes.

We can remember Buckingham in Henry VIII who said:

Think of the brain of a poor ten year old who has to try to apply all these different meanings to one word!

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