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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Eleven Plus R & R

The approach to the eleven plus has to be purposeful. Parents need to be motivated. Children need to be ambitious. Every now and then, however, there has to be a little R & R. For many years R & R has been used as a slang term for short periods of rest and recuperation.

Some children will respond quickly to the feeling that the pressure of the eleven plus has been eased. Other children may simply need a good night’s rest. There will also be children who need care and attention during their break from their studies.

Some will earn their rest through cycling, climbing, skating and swimming. Other children may prefer top paint or draw. There could even be some who want to make things.

Why not try your child on making something with balsa wood?

The end product does not need to be perfect. Blemishes are allowed. The waxing of the `finished’ shelf does not have to be uniform. What is important is the ability to create, build and complete a task. The `worker’ will need to dream up a project.. There must be some form of ratio between the length, width and height. Measuring and cutting the balsa will need to be reasonably accurately. Rough edges can easily be smoothed off using sandpaper!

Of course finding precious objects to place on the shelves will offer considerable pleasure. Oh! To do something where there is a result! The eleven plus is a long drawn out process. There is the preparation. Then comes a few hours of pressure in the examination. There is a long wait for the results and then another wait to hear about schools and offers.

A little multi-shelf unit may help!

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