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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Eleven Plus Subway

How often does the word `generativity’ come into your eleven plus discussions? We think of the word when we are discussing establishing and guiding the next generation. Of course there are parents who do not want their children to follow the same generational paths. There may even be grandparents of eleven plus children who do not want their grandchildren to follow the path to freedom that they followed.

So what can each generation hand down to the next?

Cut off the rind from bacon with a pair of kitchen scissors – it is much easier than trying to do it with a knife.

To keep cheese from becoming dry, wring it out a cloth soaked in vinegar and keep it in a covered dish. (Is the cheese or the cloth that is kept in the covered dish?)

The less liquid and the more fat you put into short pastry, the shorter it will be.

There may be some eleven plus children who would prefer to understand that:

Words involving Latin and Greek prefixes include:


There may be some children who would prefer a tasty Subway to a lecture on short pastry!

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