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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

An Eleven Plus Mortgage

It is almost time. Parents of past eleven plus children will know that the approaching May Bank holiday is traditionally the weekend for `doing up the bedroom’. Some people call the holiday the Spring Bank Holiday. But `Doing Up The Bedroom’ seems to have a much classier ring.

Space is vitally important in a bedroom. There is nothing to difficult to manage as an eleven plus candidate in multipurpose bedroom. Some children need their bedroom as a bedroom and a study. I wonder how many eleven plus children have their own study?

Naturally parents will be aware that there is a great need to make the best possible use of the floor. A similar concern must apply to the walls. Are their built in cupboards? Do the walls need to have areas for display of eleven plus timetables and study routines?

Some parents may be guided by their children about a colour scheme. Concertina display units will offer many possibilities for co-ordinated colour schemes. Many children, however, may be rather wary of too much labelling in their bedrooms as labels could remind them of school.

And now we come to the important bits. There must be space for the computer, the xbox, the ipad and the phone charger. This requires a desk of a certain size. The height and depth will need to be considered carefully. The eleven plus child will not stay eleven for ever! Will it be possible to alter the height of the legs of the desk?

Has this left room for the bed, the clothes, the toys and knick knacks we all seem to need?

As new eleven plus parents will see – the budget needs to be large. A new bed will need a new bed linen. Fresh walls will need a new bedside rug. A new computer desk will need a new computer chair. A new book case will be needed for new eleven plus books.

Just think of the please you will have at work. “What did you do over the weekend?”

“We did up our eleven plus child’s bedroom.”

“How did it go?”

“We managed to take out a second mortgage.”

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