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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Our Eleven Plus Calendar

Back in 1752, before the Eleven Plus examination was a twinkle in the eye, the British government instituted a calendar reform. The measure required that September the 2nd be dated September 14th. Many people imagined that they had lost eleven days of their lives.

Imagine what would happen if a similar decree was made today!

Think of the ensuing eleven plus question:

A family wanted an eleven day holiday to fit in with the end of the school holidays. The tour company accepted the money – and the all-in holiday was booked. To the family’s horror their holiday ended before it started.

Should the tour company have accepted the booking?

A             Yes – the family should have planned around the date change
B             No – any reputable company would not have taken the booking
C             The family should ask the dates of booking to be changed
D             The tour company should accept the date change and offer different days and times

Should the eleven plus candidate have to continue to do eleven plus papers during those eleven days?

A             The change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar was not the child’s fault
B             Eleven Plus papers do not need to done on missing days
C             Will an extra eleven eleven plus papers make all that much difference?
D             Would a Leap Year have helped the family?

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