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Friday, May 24, 2013

An Eleven Plus Rotation

Summer is here – or at least the strong signs of summer have arrived. Children, and their parents start thinking of what they can do over summer. Some lucky eleven plus children will go away and leave all thoughts of the eleven plus behind. Other children will go on holiday – along with their eleven plus books and papers.

What do you do if your child says that he or she would like to take up diving? Naturally you will embrace this idea with joy. “My child is a diver!” You then start thinking of logistics.
How far is the nearest pool with a diving centre?
When are the classes? How long will each class be? What will I do while I am waiting?
Who will teach? What are the qualifications?
Will my child follow an agreed syllabus or just have ideas plucked seemingly from the air?
What will the other children do? Will I have to go into the pool as well to look after the rest of the family?

You phone a friend.

“That Is great. I can-not recommend diving enough. There is the most divine diving teacher with such a honed body. You will be in raptures!”

“Forget all that. I left honed bodies behind years ago. What will my child learn?”

“Forward dives - - rotating forwards. Back dives – rotating backwards from a backward take-off. Inward dives – rotating inwards from a forward take-off.  Twisting dives – any of the previous four but spinning as well as rotating.”

“There seems to be an awful lot of rotating!”

“Rotating is easy! Just look at my new shoes!”

“You are kidding me. We are back on the eleven plus. How did we get from diving to your new shoes to the eleven plus?”

“We rotated!”

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