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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interests of Eleven Plus Children

“Why was the glow-worm unhappy?”

“I don’t know. Why was the glow-worm unhappy?”

“Because her children were not very bright!”

What would happen if the eleven plus was broadened to cover questions on the interests of children?

Imagine if there were specialist questions on areas of interest. The question paper could have a reduced number of eleven plus type questions – but the children could then be offered a wide selection of questions.

Questions 56 - 60 : Modern Dance
Questions 61- 65 : Telling Jokes

Questions 66 – 70 : Cycling

Questions 71 – 75 : Swimming

The list goes on. 

Why should a child `win’ a place in a grammar school through a single `Pass or Fail’ figure?

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