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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Can Any One be so Lucky?

Our super administrator is called `Gerry’. Many of you will have spoken to her at one time or another.

In a few weeks time Gerry is off to Las Vegas. It is possible that she will have a little flutter while she is there. We thought she needed some protection. We know that she will spend around $500.00 – and enjoy about three and a half hours a day on the tables.

We hope too that she will be able to take in at least one of the top shows. She has mentioned Tom Jones – but we don’t know if this is simply wish fulfilment.

On the slot machines she will be trying to build up a row of four bells or cherries or what ever she goes for. She will be calculating the odds every time she feeds the machine. Every time that lever goes down she will feel a little thrill of anticipation. We have all heard stories about the jackpot. I think it is called a `truck load’. Imagine how the young man who won $39 million a few years ago felt. If Gerry won that, would we ever see her again?

The laws about gambling in Las Vegas are strict. The advice parents give to their 11+ children must also be strict.

`If you have 15 questions left on your paper – and there are three minutes left to go you must simply guess.’

This now is the problem. Do you fill in the first multiple choice boxe in all fifteen questions – hoping that there will be a chance of at least a few of them being correct? Do you tell your child to select the answers at random? Should they choose the numbers of their birthday? The odds are great. You just have to remind your child to be wise and do their best under pressure.

If you do telephone us in early November and ask for Gerry – and a voice says: `I am sorry, but she does not work here any more.’ You will know that she either met Tom Jones or she won the jackpot.

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