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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Career will you Follow?

It sometimes helps to clarify the reason why attending a grammar school is a good idea for some children. Parents can talk about the difference between jobs and careers.

A job exists when there is a definite arrangement for regular work every week, or every month, for pay or other compensation (eg, profits, anticipated profits, or pay in kind, such as room and board).

A career, however, is something a little different. A career is more of a lifelong process; it is unique to each person and involves a sequence of work and leisure activities. A career includes career development and participation in occupations. Ideally a career choice should be an informed decision.

Jackie, who is married to my son, chose to be a photo journalist. She likes deep sea diving and adventures. She reads a lot and enjoys travel. (This is a great help when one is a photo journalist.) The following is an extract from a recent trip to the jungle.

We hiked up and up, first to Cerro Zapote where there was a break in the canopy and we could see for miles across the rain forest. It is so lush with plants that you recognize from the vivero – but these are on steroids! Huge trees tower over head with vines as thick as tree trunks hanging down.

I have probably got this wrong. It seems to me that a photo journalist says: `I feel like some deep jungle activity.’ She then finds a magazine that wants an article about visiting the jungle. The magazine then pays the fare and expenses – and for the ensuing article.

Point out that many bright adults prefer a career to a job.

Suggest: `If things don’t work out you may land up with a job. If you choose a career then you will be able to make many more of your own decisions.’

Make the point that Jackie does many jobs – but she has just one career.

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