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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just A Big Drip

A bathroom tap went today. A drip appeared and became a little flood. Action was needed.

It started with a trip to the loft. There were six taps to control the outer workings of the cold water tanks. The Reader’s Digest 1001 DIY Hints suggested a carrot could be stuck in the relevant outlet pipe and then the pipe could be drained. I ate the carrot while I was looking for the correct tank tap.

Here follows a little mathematics exercise. The drip took just on a minute to fill a half litre jug. If the basin was able to accommodate four litres of dripped water – how long would it take to fill the basin? But – it took just on thirty minutes to drive to the nearest DIY store to buy a new tap. The old tap was not in good condition. How much water flowed away while I was on the round trip? Answers by email please.

(Actually none flowed while I was away because the water had been turned off.)

A more useful 11+ examination tip to recall would be contained in the following question:

If one litre of water has a mass of one kilogram, what would be the mass of 500 litres?
Please remind your child that one litre of water has a mass of one kilogram.

P.S. Did you know that?

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