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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We Need a Good Walk

In 1979 the `Women’s Squash Rackets Association’ published a Revised Edition of `A Guide to Group Coaching’.

`Children need constant activity, variety and encouragement from the coach, but at the same time can not absorb a mass of new material.’

`Young players become bored with practising shots, yet respond very well to competitive practices and game-like situations.’

`Spend as little time talking as possible – use a good demonstration with verbal explanation drawing attention to the main points to be observed. Too much talking is not only an inefficient waste of time but very boring for the players.’

These comments, observation and precepts from the world of Squash would work very well for parents helping their children with 11+ tuition. Try to develop a balance between work and physical activity.

We all know the value of a good walk the night before an examination. The walk takes the mind off the exam and gives the basis of a good sleep. It also allows the family to talk about other things than the examination. Perhaps most importantly of all the ritual of a pre examination walk stops any last minute cramming.

Remember that the study habits your child is gaining will be used for tests and examinations at school – even during GCSE and `A’ level years.

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