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Friday, September 15, 2006

Making Time for Everything

Able children studying for examinations often have full and varied lives. Their activities can range from music lessons to sport.

How on earth do you and your child budget time to do a little extra study and work?

Some parents find a formal weekly meeting is very useful. Write down the times of the activities, the possible amount of homework and how much studying is going to be done. Work out too time for reading, relaxing, TV. and family time. Think too about time for your child and one or two of his or her friends to get together to `chat and chill’.

Discuss the need to keep work in one place.

Set mini goals – that are achievable.

Be very specific about when additional work is to done – and exactly what is to be done.

On Wednesday evening at, 6.30, do Non Verbal Reasoning Test 5, from questions 16 – 32.

This means that time is allocated in everyone’s mind.

You know that you too have a commitment on a Wednesday evening at 6.30 to help, advise, answer, cajole and simply be there.

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