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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Special One

At some time or another your much loved eleven year old may start thinking about the four key throwing events: shot put, discus, javelin and hammer. In early days the throwing events were used a practice activities for war. In competition and training we need to observe simple but vital training rules:

Never thrown a implement if someone is in the landing area.
Never stand in the throwing area.
Treat javelins with care. Carry them vertically - point down.
When working in groups take especial care.
Start with light implements and progress on the heaviest you can manage comfortably. Trying to throw heavy instruments too early on can cause problems ad harm progress.

Like with so much in life there are parallels with preparing for eleven plus examinations. Eleven plus preparation, and taking the examination, is certainly not practice for war. There is, however, naturally an element of competition because there are so few places and so many aspiring candidates. What then are the eleven plus simple but vital training rules?

Start with easy work to build confidence.
Add lots or repetition and practice into your program.
Learn to listen carefully on a one to one basis.
Be prepared to experience failure - but continue to strive for the very best.
Discuss your progress with interested parties - they may throw in good coaching hints.

Some of our children may land up competing in the Olympics. There may be considerably more who will have won the prize of a grammar school place.

Preparing for every examination will expose sprinters and marathon runners. Some will be able to maintain a sustained approach to the examination - while others will need frequent rests along with bursts of high activity.

Listen to your child’s body. When he or she is tired simply let it be. Try to foster a state of dialogue where you, as a parent, can actually listen to your child without foisting your own anxieties.

Treat your child like a prize athlete - a special one - and enjoy the new relationship.

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