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Sunday, September 17, 2006

England played rugby in Chicago in the 1982 tour of America. The team were astonished when the referee blew for supposed infringement during an open passage of play.

The England team queried the decision. The referee explained that the match was sponsored by the local television company - so a suitable intervals they had to stop for commercial breaks. He showed the team his bleeper. When he heard three bleeps he had to stop the game for one minute.

Some mums and dads could influence key segments of the 11+ examination through the use of technology.

Take the verbal reasoning test. We know that in some areas there will be 75 questions and there are 50 minutes. We know that you will suggest to your child that he or she should be around Question 35 after 25 minutes. (Should half way be one beep or two?)

We know too that you warned your child not to take too long over the first ten questions. (I can’t remember … was that two beeps or one beep?)

We know too that you will have reminded your child to go back over key questions - if there was time at the end. Now this is where it gets tricky. `Remember’ in Morse Code is:

.-. . -- . -- -... . .-.

But half way is:

.... .- .-.. ..-. / .-- .- -.--

Why not simply make sure that your child knows how to use a watch?

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