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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vote for the 11 Plus

Everyone entitled to vote in an election is sent a poll card to indicate the time and date of the election and the location of their polling station.

People who have indicated their wish to vote by post are sent a voting pack.

The facility is known as absent voting and is available for registered voters who are unable to attend polling stations.

The reasons could be:
-living abroad
-a student at university

We would like to add the 11+ child who is worried about examinations. Think how easy it would be to fill in a card and ask for a postal 11+ paper.

I was in one of our centres this week and one cheerful ten year was chatting about how she would get flu on the day and then have the paper sent to her at home. She explained that she would be able to look up all the answers on the internet.

Some states in Americans, of course, have a few more categories when they are dealing with absent voters:

-age 60 years old or older
-unable to vote without assistance at the polls
-expecting to be out of town on election day
-in jail awaiting arraignment or trial
-unable to attend the polls due to religious reasons

We sincerely hope that our ten year olds writing 11+ examinations do not fit into too many of the above American categories. On the other hand we can all remember a President elected on a postal vote.

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