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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Golden Key

Children writing the Eleven Plus examinations can be expected to have knowledge and interests beyond the possible content of `11+ Syllabus’. Some chldren will be helped with a careful analysis of language - and and this will include help with how to approach questions. Other children will need to rely on good luck.

It is easy to explain: `Punch hit Judy‘ and `Judy was hit by Punch‘. This fits together very easily.

`The daughter broke the glass.’ and `The glass was broken by the daughter’ also both work.

What is the problem with: `Uncle weighs 85 kilos’ and `85 kilos is weighed by Uncle’?

The story of Punch and Judy goes back a long way. Punch was a jealous man and he murdered his baby daughter. Judy collected a bludgeon and tried to hit Punch.

Punch beat her to death with another bludgeon and then threw the two bodies into the street.

A policeman saw the bodies and came to arrest Punch. Punch ran away - but was arrested. He was thrown into prison but escaped because of a golden key.

How useful it would be for all of us to be able to overcome disaster and escape with the help of a golden key.

Why not make sure your child wears a golden key on the day of the 11+ examination?

When the brain slows down on a question instead of getting upset and trying to bludgeon his or her way through the answer, your child could simply touch the key and all would be right in the world.

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