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Monday, September 11, 2006

Mum, I think I ate it!

The newsreader today was obviously using an autocue. Television has a lot to answer for – but the introduction of a device where words flow over a screen must have saved many embarrassing moments. The news reader can read without looking down or fidgeting with papers.

We know of some actors who have prompts pinned to various bits of furniture. It must take great skill to remember to be in the correct position to be able to remember to read the next cue.

Generations of children have used words, or reminders, written in indelible ink onto wooden rulers. It must have been a very sad day for some children when wooden rulers were replaced by plastic rulers – because then the evidence could not be eaten so easily.

Just imagine the riches some inventor could accrue if he or she could invent an edible 11+ autocue.

Think of the frustration if your child ate the wrong cue! Who would be to blame?

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