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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Simply The Best

The decision to transfer a child to a particular type of secondary school will, to a certain extent, determine the kind of curriculum he or she will follow.

Attending grammar school may also affect chances of proceeding to higher education.

All parents will hope that the words `Grammar School’ on an application form will also help to open up a wider range of vocational opportunities.

It would be so much easier for some children if the transfer to secondary school was simply one phase in a continuous process of education. Would it work if all marks from school were rolled into one big ball? Could the results from Standard Assessment Tests, produced by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in May of each year, play a part?

Should the fact that a boy plays cricket for his country be considered as recognition of prowess and ability?

Is there any way that a wonderfully proficient girl, on Grade 5 on the piano, could be considered to be a suitable candidate?

We all simply want the best for our children. The best teachers. The best schools. The best education. The best university. The best possible future. A good grammar school may give some of our children the best possible opportunity.

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