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Monday, September 04, 2006

Card Games

The eleven plus examination cover a wide range of topics. As the dates of the examinations grow closer it becomes more important to think about what needs to be done.

One way is to develop a bank of cards with detailed explanations designed to improve understanding of key topics.

Purchase a set of 5 by 3 cards.

Take the Verbal Reasoning topic of Compound Words. On the front of one card write the topic: `Compound Words’. On the reverse write examples and key facts to remember:

The word on the left usually come first.

Look for a connection between words.

Look for common beginnings and endings.

A Non Verbal Reasoning Topic could be `Shaded Fractions’. The reverse of the card could have:

Check the size and shape of the parts.
Use diagonals when necessary.
Above all – remember lowest terms.

The cards will allow you to focus on the topics that need most attention. You may find that you need to colour code the topics as the number of cards builds up.

You are aiming at trying to reinforce good study habits.

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