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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Eleven Plus Application

What would you do if you were applying for a new job? What can an eleven plus candidate do to try to ensure success?

ADULT: Read the company’s recruitment literature
11+: Read the school’s literature – have a goal in mind

ADULT: Clearly state what vacancy you are applying for
11+: Say why you want to pass the 11+

ADULT: Answer all the questions
11+: Answer all the questions

ADULT: Use good English
11+: Use good English

When your child enters the 11+ examination room you want him or her fully focused on what is going to happen and what the outcomes will be. A few years ago we had a wonderfully bright girl who sat two eleven plus examinations. One she failed dismally. The other she passed with flying colours. The one school was a girls school and the other a mixed school. She voted with her pencil in the examination!

ADULT: Listen to your child
11+: Talk to your parents