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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Eleven Plus Compromise

Some subscribe to the theory that good eleven plus teaching is always attempting to teach for transfer. Parents, for example, will often draw on their own experiences and attitudes when they are working with their children. Most eleven plus parents will hope that steady eleven plus work will translate into steady work at grammar school. There are, however, some short cuts for parents.

Parents need to have clear cut long term eleven plus objectives.

Mothers and fathers should study the eleven plus and find out as much as possible about the examination and methods of preparing.

Parents should choose books and materials that are suited to their child’s needs.

The eleven plus `candidates’ should know exactly what is expected of them.

Parents should understand that discussion and problem solving activities are sometimes far more effective than a good old fashioned lecture.

And finally, parents should try to help their children understand that working towards the eleven plus will involve lots of learning. All parties (adults and children alike) must be prepared to compromise and be accommodating.