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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eleven Plus Steps

How do you know if your child’s eleven plus teacher or tutor is teaching effectively?

Step One
You have to be sure you know what you want your child to achieve. Do you want and eleven plus pass or a motivated and hard-working child? Can you achieve both?

Step Two
How can you measure your child’s attention and interest in the lesson and in his or her work? Do you feel that the right amount and extent of homework is being set? Does your child leave the lesson feeling happy and fulfilled?
“How was your lesson, dear?”
“All right.”

Step Three
Is the content of the lesson appropriate to your child’s needs? Is your child learning what he or she needs to learn? Is the delivery effective in helping your child to understand?

Step Four
Are the lessons helping your child to bond with you – or are they proving divisive?