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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Eleven Plus and the Long-horned Beetle

There is a beetle called the `Long-Horned Beetle’. It is a member of the Cerambycidae family. The species is sometimes light brown in colour, with turquoise-blue-green patches.

Longicorn beetles are found all over the world, where ever there is woody vegetation. They are elongated beetles with long antennae. Some of these beetles are large! I used to see them when growing up in Africa.

The larvae feed on the wood of tree, and pupate at the end of the burrow they have bored in the wood. The entrance to the chamber is often covered or plugged with chips of wood.

The development of the larvae sometimes takes many years!

Certain species of the beetles are recorded as emerging from wood several years after it has been turned into furniture.

Consider an eleven plus child where the parents are concerned that their child is not showing significant maturity. Parents are very seldom wrong about eleven plus potential! If a mother or a father promote the eleven plus then it is likely that their child has the necessary ability. All that parents can do is hope that their child will, one day, emerge a promising candidate – flexed and ready for the challenge of the examination.