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Monday, November 12, 2012

Eleven Plus Pressure

Occasionally, very occasionally, an eleven plus child may feel inclined to burst into tears in frustration. Suppose we look at a hugely popular TV show where a chef rants and raves at some poor unfortunate. We may see a waitress tearful at being picked out. The TV cameras are remorseless as they zoom in on her poor face. What did she do wrong?

Work in a large restaurant needs interdependence and co-ordination. There are many stages in the taking of orders, preparation of food, cooking it and then delivering it to the table. The waitress is the initial point of contact with the customer. She keeps this contact until the customer departs  – hopefully leaving a large tip. Any problems the customers may have with anything in the restaurant directed initially at the waitress.

When the waitress delivers the order to the kitchen the chef comes under pressure to cook and prepare the meal. The chef is highly important in the kitchen – but as soon as the waitress picks up the food then her role changes. It is almost as if she took the order, cooked the meal and then offered it up for consumption.

The eleven plus child has to help to find the page, try to understand the working of the mind of the person who wrote the exercise, cope with the demands of parents and siblings, and possibly even find the exercise challenging. The pressure may rise and the outburst erupt.

“Good on you! Let it all out and then press on!”