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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Eleven Plus Roles

The parents of eleven plus children will come from many different persuasions. The son of a farmer in a remote area will have an intimate view of a farmer’s role. In just the same way the daughter a shop keeper will understand the working of the world in a very different way. The child of two working doctors will have a well-grounded understanding of their professional roles.

Passing the eleven plus, however, has the potential to open a wide variety of careers. Naturally the desires and determination of the parents will play a large part. The doctors, for example, could possibly advise their children not to take up their profession. (It is likely, however, that they would be delighted, and very proud, if their child did, in time, become a doctor!)

We know that lawyers will be different from doctors in their professional roles – but it seems likely that both sets of parents would like their children to become professionals. But a grammar school education can give children from wide and diverse backgrounds equal chances.