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Friday, November 16, 2012

Eleven Plus Symbolism

“It is all done to what happens on the day!” This may be a mantra for some parents who hope and believe that some form of intervention will take place during the examination.

Some forms of predicting the future seem to be remarkably accurate. Some seem to believe there is a guiding force directing a run of questions, or the fall of cards or even the performance of a race horse. We hear stories of many who believe that the day, time and date of a person’s birth will affect the future.

In palmistry we can find lines of force and love. Could there even be an eleven plus line? Is there some magic line on a child’s hand that will help to predict future success? Instead of investing in books, papers and an eleven plus tutor parents could opt for a visit to an Eleven Plus Chiromancy  Specialist. (EPCS)  

Parents could then wonder how much symbolism plays a part within eleven plus preparation. Perhaps there may even be a place for a Special Eleven Plus Tattoo!  (SEPT). This may lead to a host of specialists devoting themselves preparing ranges of tattoos for parents to choose from.

Could it be possible that the most popular tattoo could be the: “We just hope it will be all right on the day!”?